The 10 Greatest Gifts has been impacting families for years

Impacting families by arming them with valuable parenting tools is nothing new. Our impact stretches back to 1990 when the first 10 Greatest Gifts company was formed. The first parenting program was audio, recorded in 1992.  Steven Vannoy’s first parenting book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children, was published in 1993. Vannoy took advantage of numerous opportunities to get the word out about this transformational family approach:

  • Vannoy was featured on a 60 minute PBS special estimated to have been viewed by millions of people.
  • Vannoy and his team completed over 750 parent sessions and teacher in-service days that welcomed between 100 and 2,000 attendees each.
  • Vannoy keynoted at over 50 large conferences with 1,000-20,000 participants
  • The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children has sold over 500,000 books (still building momentum) and is one of Simon and Schuster’s all-time best selling parenting books (most readers have passed the book on to two or three friends).

This approach works for any relationship, not just parent to child. At Verus Global (the leadership company Vannoy created out of the 10 Greatest Gifts Project using the same principles and concepts), there were over 20 facilitators who led at least 2 sessions per month, serving large corporations such as Ford Motor, Nestle, and Proctor and Gamble. These corporate leadership sessions were estimated to have served 800 people a month for a grand total of approximately 144,000 leaders in the last 15 years of Vannoy’s ownership of Verus Global.

Our projected impact in the coming years:

By Dec. 2020By Dec. 2021By Dec. 2022
  • 72 active presenters
  • Serving 88,425 adult family members
  • 144 active presenters
  • Serving 240,084 adult family members
  • 216 active presenters
  • Serving 391,716 adult family members

Most importantly, we will be measuring family benefits through our one-of-a-kind app and website. These participants will have three main indicators of their progress.

  1. Their children and grandchildren will demonstrate healthier qualities, values and behaviors, such as responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, and self-esteem.
  2. As their children’s healthy qualities, values and behaviors increase, family challenges and issues, such as sibling battles, lying and lack of responsibility, substance abuse and other destructive behaviors will diminish.
  3. Families will move closer to the joy, peace, fun and love they always dreamed about for their family.

Participants will receive customized and professional guidance that coaches and encourages them on their journey to mastery.

Our projections seek to serve large numbers of people, and current interest has assured us that these goals are attainable. Since the inception of the new 10 Greatest Gifts Project nonprofit organization in the beginning of 2019, we have shared these valuable tools with hundreds of people.

As we serve more and more families, we will be publishing the actual results on a monthly basis. These impact measurements include totals (since company creation in 2019) for the following:

Presenters complete a rigorous training process to ensure that every presenter knows the material well and can communicate the tools effectively and in an engaging way. These certifications will be reflected monthly on the Impact Page. We are seeking dynamic, passionate presenters to take these valuable parenting and grandparenting concepts all over the world. If you are interested in learning more about being a presenter, please visit the Become a Presenter page.

After three years, we will serve over one million people per year and see huge numbers of families transformed by these tools. The number of people served will be calculated by the number of session registrations each month. We invite you to become part of this movement by signing up for a session near you on our Seminars page.

Our volunteers are a priceless part of our team. They discover, train, certify and coach our presenters to take this content to parents, grandparents and educators around the world.You will find the total number of active volunteers under this tab. We are always interested in speaking with people who are be interested in volunteering. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

 Membership in the 10 Greatest Gifts Project is free and serves as an invaluable resource for parents, grandparents or educators. When you become a member, you are linked in to our entire website, social media sites, parenting tips and resources, blog and newsletter. You will receive a one-time, 25% discount on a single session registration and a 10% discount from our online store. Collectively, our partnership will transform families with increased health and joyful living.  We invite you to become a member today by visiting the Resources page.

We are developing a one of a kind app so our participants and their families can constantly upgrade and practice the 10 Greatest Gifts Tools and their family building skills. Additional information will be available in early 2020.