Our Purpose


Our purpose is to build priceless qualities and values, like honesty, responsibility and self-reliance, and therefore health and joy, into every family in the world.

Our parenting and grandparenting focus is directed toward upstream wellness, an approach that is more effective than attempting to fix problems downstream when the problem has persisted, making it much harder to reverse. This approach to parenting and grandparenting will lead to diminished downstream societal problems, and the results of our work will be transgenerational, creating lasting value. We have 25 years of evidence that proves that families who master and use the 10 greatest gifts tools and concepts will solidify their foundation of  joy, trust and family closeness.


The foundation of our mission and culture is our committed team, partners, presenters, and volunteers. We will treat our core team with dignity, respect, and honesty, demonstrating transparency and authenticity at every juncture. Our core team operates as co-owners of the 10 Greatest Gifts Project. Within 7 years we will have 1000 presenters.

We believe that strong and resilient families are the foundation of our healthy citizens and our collective future. By gathering stories, surveys, and evaluations, we will know that these families are living with more joy, closeness, responsibility, and emotional health. Therefore, these children will grow up healthier and more productive, adding greater value to their families and to the world. We are especially committed to empowering and uplifting grandparents, most of whom feel that nurturing and building strong and healthy grandchildren is their most important and impactful lifetime work.

Our hope is that these families continue to partner with us by following us on social media, utilizing our one of a kind app, and visiting our website regularly. These platforms will give perpetual support in the form of parenting tips, videos, and other valuable resources. One hundred percent of our net proceeds will go to family causes, especially causes that uplift and empower grandparents and their grandchildren.

We have a special dream for our team/partners: at their lives ‘end, they will say that their time with The 10 Greatest Gifts Project was the most fulfilling and meaningful work of their lives. In addition, it nurtured and transformed their families and made a vital difference in the world.  With our core team in place, we will lead in a way, where our session participants will experience the same ownership and rewards.


Our vision is to create a large network of volunteers and presenters who will bring these valuable parenting and grandparenting tools to every corner of the world, societal class, every race and religion, so that families of all types can enjoy a transformed and upstream life together. Our goal is to discover and develop volunteers and presenters exponentially from year to year. By (2024), we will be impacting over 1.9 million family members. That impact will grow to over 15 million family members within 10 years and 50 million family members within 20 years. Our vision is families will enjoy a transformed and upstream life together.

Imagine a world where every child grows up whole, safe and confident. Imagine a world where every child grows up self-reliant and believing in their ability to make wise decisions. Imagine a world where every child is responsible and honest.

What kind of difference will that make in their early years and education? What kind of a difference will that make in their careers and the good they add to the world? What kind of a difference will that make in their families and the children they bring into the world?

This future is already unfolding. In our lifetime we will see a drop-in divorce rates, family dysfunction, poverty rates, incarcerations, and social service usage.

More importantly, as our children grow up with strong qualities, values and behaviors, like responsibility, honesty, self-reliance, self-esteem and integrity, families across the world will see an increase in graduation rates, productive citizens, stable mental health and physical well-being. Most of all we will see an increase in healthy, happy, and loving families.