Katie Peterson is passionate about serving and uplifting humanity. She has a 13-year background in executive support, marketing and creative design. She says working in the architectural/interior design community for 8 years was incredible.  However, shifting careers into self-development, parenting and community outreach has been a dream come true! She spent several years studying business and marketing and continues to further her education with endeavoring to become a licensed as a Spiritual Practitioner. Katie is also a Level 2 certified Reiki Practitioner and thrives on helping people any way she can. She feels honored to be a part of the 10 Greatest Gifts Project. She appreciates the fulfillment she experiences with being a part of an organization undertaking such a vital and meaningful mission.

Passions and Interest

My passionate desire to serve children and families was modeled by my parents and four older brothers. My mom taught Kindergarten for almost 30 years. I remember visiting her classrooms and the children having such a profound adoration and appreciate for her. She is the embodiment of deep caring. My father is masterful at modeling wisdom, responsibility and integrity. My four older brothers showed me the importance of self-reliance and friendship.

Anthony Lopez, Jackie Dorst, Randy Ferguson and Steven Vannoy are a several people who have touched my heart deeply. They have supported me and inspired me. They have taught me tools and given me gifts that I will carry in my heart forever!

Katie with Fiance Anthony

I have been given a most precious gift from God in the form of a man named Anthony who recently proposed to me (April 2019)! I feel overwhelming blessed and excited to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man! We do our best to stay present in the moment, enjoying life and each other. We love hiking, snowshoeing, concerts, Marvel movies, taking self development classes together and spending time with our family.

I have always loved connecting with community. I taught Sunday School for many years and enjoy fellowshipping in a variety of communities.

I have chosen to become a team member of The 10 Greatest Gifts Project because I am deeply passionate about the mission and I have personally experienced the power and effectiveness of the tools working in my life. I feel blessed beyond measure to be a part of something so truly astounding!

I love learning about spirituality and knowing what truly inspires and people! Experiential being included in ones transformation truly makes my heart soar!