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The 10 Greatest Gifts Project is a nonprofit organization that seeks to transform families by supplying parents and grandparents with powerful, effective parenting tools.

Why The 10 Greatest Gifts Project is an Exceptional Nonprofit Investment:

*This investment does not have a financial return. Instead it yields a return in building healthy families, children and future citizens.

Some nonprofit investors are super wealthy. However, many are similar to me. We’ve worked hard at our careers, and now have some extra money or resources set aside. Now, in our fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond, we dearly want to use those resources to give back in a way that makes our world a better place now, opposed to allowing our money to sit idle while we pass on.

In visiting with several wise friends who are in a similar situation, we all agreed that we want our nonprofit dollars to work hard for us. In other words, we don’t want to waste a penny of our hard-earned dollars on something that is not effective. As we’ve considered other nonprofit options, we’ve developed four criteria to help us make good investment decisions and stretch our nonprofit dollars. We believe that The 10 Greatest Gifts Project exceeds all four of these criteria.

1. We want our resources to have a powerful, long term ripple effect, versus just helping someone for a day or a week. In many cases someone will volunteer with food banks and the Salvation Army, realizing those donations of time and money only help an individual or a family for a week or two. Conversely, The 10 Greatest Gifts Project is a way to truly make a difference at the family level. As well as build healthy, functional children in the first place, those healthy and productive future citizens will create a better future for all of us…forever. Therefore, our dollars and resources have a strong multiplying effect, turning out a 100-to-one or more return as opposed to just a one-to-one return.

2. We want our dollars and resources to help build a nonprofit that is highly efficient. Many nonprofits we’ve helped or seen in the past have eaten up the majority of our donated dollars in overhead expenses. Now days, most of us are adamant that the majority of our dollars go directly to the nonprofit’s service goals. In addition to already low overhead expenses, Steven Vannoy has funded our start-up costs so, the vast majority of our investors’ resources go directly to serving families. Over 95% of us assisting on the continued growth, training, and support are volunteers, which also allows us to focus the vast majority of investment donations into our service goals.

3. We want our resources to create direct results that are lasting, effective and proven. There’s a reason why the 10 greatest gifts tools and concepts have been used for over 25 years with much appreciation and no complaints. The following four points detail why this approach resonates so strongly with families all over the world.

        1. When our children grow up with the gifts of qualities and values like honesty and self-reliance, they do well in school, childhood and life. These gifts are the foundation for building our strong and healthy families ­and our healthy future.
        2. When our children (future adults) – have these gifts of qualities and values, they rarely get in trouble. As one example, do honest and responsible people commit many crimes?
        3. Giving the gifts of qualities and values is absolutely achievable, we’ve been doing it for 25 years.
        4. Focusing on teaching our children how to build healthy and productive future is the number one thing we can do to build a better world.

Steven Vannoy’s book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children has been one of Simon and Schuster’s all-time best-selling parenting books for over 25 years – and it’s still building momentum.  It was created out of direct research with over 400 focus groups and thousands of interviews. To our knowledge, it’s the first book that went to the source, families, for information on successful parenting techniques.

Core finding: Approximately 10% of the families interviewed were not experiencing the typical issues such as sibling rivalry, messy rooms, low homework and school performance, lying, irresponsibility, drugs and alcohol.

This 10% had learned to go upstream and build core qualities and values in their children, such as honesty, responsibility and self-reliance, in the first place. Steven Vannoy’s upcoming book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give my Grandchildren, will add to this momentum. 

4. The fourth reason The 10 Greatest Gifts Project is an exceptional nonprofit investment, is we are partially self-funded. Each presenter pays a $265 fee to help defray the cost of their training, certification and on going support. Also participant enrollments and sponsor contracts are processed through our home-office billings and registration system where we retain a 7% fee. These two revenue sources will cover 50% of our family outreach and sessions in 2020, and over 60% in 2021 and beyond. Therefore, our need for outside financial support is reduced and will continue to decline as more presenters are trained and more sessions are available in new locations. 

Would you please consider partnering with us to support our mission in reaching over 1 million people per year with these concepts?

Why Is The 10 Greatest Gifts Project Your Best Nonprofit Investment?