The number one way we serve and transform families is through our live 2-hour sessions. The more dynamic, entertaining, and impactful each individual presenter and program is, the deeper and broader we can serve families. We will train and certify over 1,000 presenters in the next few years, deeply touching over one 50 million family members within 20 years. This will create a groundswell that will profoundly build healthy and productive families. Divorce rate and school dropouts will decline, prison populations and poverty will decrease. Income levels, graduation rates, and intact families will increase. Millions of families will experience more joy, peace and love that they always dreamed about for their families.

To achieve this mission, we partner with several specific types of volunteers, those who are called to support, train and coach our presenters. Our presenters then share these tools and concepts with parents, grandparents and educators. Right now, we are specifically looking for the following levels of volunteers:

Outreach Coordinator (Level 1A Volunteer)

The Outreach Coordinator develops blurbs, press releases, stories, ads, and places them. They continually adjust and upgrade them based on feedback and results. Our Outreach Coordinator actively searches for dynamic, qualified, and passionate individuals who would be an excellent fit as a presenter. 


Screener/Assessor (Level 1 Volunteer)

In addition to the potential candidates that are attracted by the Outreach Coordinator the Screener/Assessor actively searches for dynamic, qualified, and passionate individuals who would be an excellent fit as a presenter. Often, attendees from seminars or just people on the street who engage in conversation with our staff and volunteers are interested in learning more about becoming a presenter. Those who apply to become a presenter will first be contacted by the screener/assessor to complete a screening interview. “People skills” are essential in this role.


Trainer (Level 2 Volunteer)

The Trainer guides presenters who have been selected in the 11-pod training process to learn the presentation materials, put their own personal touch on the content, and deliver a dynamic presentation. Trainers are expected to assist presenters in creating with their own dynamic presentation by using the 5 tools discussed in the 10 Greatest Gifts seminar. They will also provide feedback in a tactful way that encourages trainees to up level and customize their presentations.


Business Coach/Mentor (Level 3 Volunteer)

The Business Coach/Mentor guides certified presenters in building their speaking business and engaging audiences. This mentor will create a meaningful relationship with their assigned presenters and continues being a strong, supportive voice and source of guidance. 


Other Volunteer Levels

These are administrative, public relations, financial, writing and other behind-the- scenes volunteer levels that are vital to the success of our mission. If you have a background in the skills mentioned and would like to join our team please submit an application. 

Volunteer Interest