Personal Pet or Family Painting


Customized paintings of loved ones, family members and family pets.

About the Artist | Karyssa Adair

My mother was an artist. She still is. From photo realistic oil pastel to larger than life paper sculpture, she worked in and introduced me to every sort of medium.  There were art projects tucked in every corner of the lives we lived, in different countries and times.

I always appreciated art from a cultural standpoint and learned to cherish it as an outlet for my own self-expression.

I feel like the story begins in Ski Town USA. As a young child, I enjoyed drawing, painting and creating. Are usually won every art contest I entered, but I was a child and more often than not my mom was in some way involved in the curating.  I didn’t appreciate my gift as my own for many years.

We traveled a lot and moved to Nicaragua when I was twelve years old. My mother was still my art teacher at home and at school. Our family was very close, but divorce came, as it often does. Art  remained.

It wasn’t until I went to the University of Arizona that I felt like I found my niche and unique style in art. I learned a more intimate aspect of myself through my art.  I never formally studied art. I studied language.   To me, art was another vehicle of communication. One which needed no translation.

I see art in everything; not just museums but in architecture, on the street and in people’s everyday interactions.  My art began to bubble to the surface through feelings. They didn’t have words, just colors.  It became the way to express my interpretation of the world, to the world.

Art has a transformative nature, it allows the audience to derive their own meaning. When I put the brush down it is no longer mine. My intent dissolves, only what the viewer feels remains. It becomes their’s… and for that reason alone I love art.


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