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Would you like to give your children and grandchildren an even stronger foundation of honesty and responsibility, or more self-reliance, courage, self-discipline, and maybe even compassion, joy, peace and love? It’s no secret that when our children grow up with the gifts of qualities and values, their lives are radiantly successful, fulfilling and joyful. Honest and responsible future citizens also don’t commit crimes, go to jail, or drag down our communities and companies. Instead, their character and values create value and good in the world, wherever they go.

The Impact

Our upstream approach to building healthy families will ripple out forever, transforming families far into the future.

Our Focus

We are passionate about providing parents and grandparents with the tools to build healthy, responsible families.

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Keep in contact for continual support, donate to our work, or consider volunteering to help families live joyful, upstream lives.

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We partner with parents, grandparents and educators to master proven tools and approaches that give our children priceless qualities and values.

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Family-building Opportunities

Preparing the Next Generation

We partner with parents, grandparents and educators to instill priceless qualities and values in our children and future adults. Together, we master and implement our proven 5 tools (Teach, Listen, Model, Message, Focus) and other related tools and concepts. The gifts of qualities and values will be a little different for each family, but some of our favorites are honesty, self-reliance, compassion, confidence and responsibility.

Responsible children grow to be responsible adults, and responsible adults rarely put any sort of economic or social strain on the world.

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We provide tools to parents and grandparents so they can build an even stronger and healthier family and experience an even more joyful future together.

Help us give these precious tools to as many families as possible! Your tax-deductible gift will help us train more Presenters and Volunteers to serve even more families.

Give the Gift of Values

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