Family Empowerment
Tools that create Love & Joy

Participants are the passionate parents, grandparents, and educators who build families with strong qualities and values. They leverage opportunities to uplift other families as well, creating infinite connections, possibilities, and love. Many have discovered that the 10 Greatest Gifts toolset is the exact guidance they need to build stronger families and a better world. A Participant is a champion for families. Are you interested in creating a better world?

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The 10 Greatest Gifts process was launched over 30 years ago and is now utilized in over 30 countries. We are a nonprofit (IRS Tax ID 83-3220640) who has created the most upstream family programs in the world. Upstream simply means building honest, self-reliant, responsible and confident children in the first place versus trying to fix problems downstream. This approach comes from Simon & Schuster’s best-selling, family building book The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy. We share  tools such as Focus, Message, Teach, Listen and Model. When these five tools are utilized intentionally and fully, children thrive, both now and in the future. The goal of our Signature seminars, our mobile app, and books? To help you manifest a family beyond your dreams!

Our Guides are the Presenters, Volunteers, Investors, and Client Partners who partner with our Participants to build the family of their dreams.

Guides lead the way to create infinite connections, possibilities, and love. Our trusted Guides lead our mission of uplifting lives. Are you interested in becoming a 10GG Guide? 

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10 Greatest Gifts Project