5 Behaviors of Wise Parents

The only parenting book you’ll ever need

A game-changer in the parenting world…

Our Founder, Steven Vannoy, has just released the only parenting book you’ll ever need. 

Seriously, this is not just another parenting book. This book is a game-changer in the parenting world. Built on three decades of sound parenting philosophy—and put into practice with thousands of parenting groups across the globe, that began with the author’s best-selling classic, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children—this book picks up the message and moves parent-children interaction into twenty-first century parenting practice.

You will learn new gifts we give our children, such as self-reliance, honesty and confidence, and you will learn how to put these gifts into action with 5 Behaviors every parent can follow—simply and easily in every interaction with your children (or grandchildren).

One outcome is certain: You will never be the same parent (and grandparent) you are right now after you read this book.

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What Are People Are Saying About
The 5 Behaviors of Wise Parents?

Byran B.
There are so many parenting books out there and many are very helpful, but if I had to choose just one, I’d select 5 Behaviors of Wise Parents. Why do I make such a bold statement? This book not only teaches wise and time-tested approaches, but it’s more than a “parenting book,” it’s a relationship book. What I’ve learned through it not only affects parenting but also peer to peer and business relationships. Some of the topics that affected me the most include: “We go towards our focus,” “The importance of listening deeply,” “Teach through wise questions,” and “Questions trigger our brain and stories keep our attention.” Steve is a wonderful storyteller and master of teaching principles. His wit, wisdom, and willingness to share some of his less-than-stellar parenting moments helped me to firmly grasp the five key principles without feeling talked down to or condemned. In fact, I’m looking forward to putting these behaviors to good use in my family, business, and day-to-day life.
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