Uplift & Strengthen
your network, community and employees

Help Build Families
with Strong Qualities & Values

Is your organization not living up to its fullest potential?

  • Are destructive behaviors of adolescents affecting families in your community?
  • Are teenagers in your community disrespectful, hurtful and rebellious? 
  • Are your employees bringing their family problems to work?
  • Are challenging family situations affecting your students’ performance?
  • Is productivity being affected by your employee’s family challenges?
  • Are families in your spiritual community experiencing stress and upset?

Do you want to do something about the family dysfunction you see in your network, community and organization?

Your Organization is Designed
for More!

Give your network, community, employees or fellowship priceless tools for building healthy families!

  • When personal life is strong – work life is strong
  • Strengthen your employees’ personal lives
  • Build a positive culture
  • Experience personal growth
  • Help families win
  • Help your families raise children with strong qualities and values 
  • Employees that are rested and focused
  • Parents that are deeply engaged in the child’s education

Our Tools & Concepts will uplift & strengthen your network, community & Employees!

Helping Children Grow Up With Qualities, Values, Behaviors Like:







We Care About the Success of Your Organization

25 years of proven tools and concepts

Based on Simon & Schuster's best selling parenting book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy and Mr. Vannoy's upcoming book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Grandchildren

Exceptional and highly trained presenters

Precise certification standards

Presented in churches & clubs

Deep relationships with multiple school distrcits

Worked with fortune 500 companies and top executives world-wide

State-of-the-art App for participants to receive continued support and guidance

Dedicated, working board

One Community, One Family, One Child at a Time

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