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Screener & Assessor

This is the front-line staff position of the organization. Our screeners/assessors are able to build rapport quickly and genuinely while gathering information on each prospective volunteer or presenter.  


Trainers partner with a 3 – 4 person team of presenters as they progress through the certification process; each trainer will virtually coach new presenters on mastering their speaking skills and guiding them through the tools and stories. This process will be completed within a 25-week schedule.

Support & Development Coach

Partner with a 3 – 4 person team of presenters on building a public speaking/keynote business. Coaches share best practices on determining best client/venues to approach, use of our sales and marketing materials, scheduling sessions, pricing and sustainability.

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  • Work with remarkable & passionate people!
  • Be an ambassador for change!
  • Be the foundation of a team profoundly serving families!
  • Be fulfilled and inspired!
    Experience personal growth!
  • Experience increased abundance and well-being!

Supporting families in achieving the joy, closeness & love they always dreamed of!

Helping Children Grow Up With Qualities, Values, Behaviors Like:







We Care About Your passion to serve

  • Expert Training Manual
  • Highly-credentialed, remarkable team
  • Organized systems and processes  
  • Ongoing evidence of your impact on families
  • State-of-the-art app for advocates to receive continued guidance & support
  • State-of-the-art App to support you in managing your service responsibilities  

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