Inspire People
with Your Passion,
Voice and Presence

We are looking for presenters to deliver a unique message
that uplifts families!

Are You Called to Serve & Guide Others?

Are You Ready to Fulfill That Calling?

  • Have you seen or experienced a family dynamic that troubles you?
  • Do you feel a yearning to be a part of the solution? 
  • Do you feel you could increase the utilization of your talents?
  • Do you think you could do more with your passion to speak?
  • Could your life and work be more fulfilling?

Does contemplating these questions help you realize you have the potential to make the world a better place?  

Are you feeling open, motivated and ready to fulfill that calling? 

If you’re interested in using your passion to guide families to even greater joy, connection and possibilities…

We Believe You're Designed for More!

  • Feel energized, accomplished and fulfilled!
  • Earn extra income doing something you love.
  • Be a guide and ambassador for change.
  • Help build healthy relationships, connections and community.
  • Show yourself what you’re made of!
  • Have fun learning and being challenged to grow and thrive.

Presenters support families in achieving the joy, closeness & love they always dreamed of!

Helping Children Grow Up With Qualities, Values, Behaviors Like:







We Care About Your Dreams to Make a Difference

  • World-class Trainers
  • Based on Simon & Schuster’s best selling parenting book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy & his upcoming book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Grandchildren
  • Comprehensive Training Material
  • Certification and licensing 
  • Proven tools and concepts 
  • On-going coaching and support
  • Join our remarkable team

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