Teams Can be Fertile Teaching Ground

Showing your kids how to deal with the human element on a team Most of us have kids who are involved in something: sports, dance, music, STEM, 4H, you name it. If you do, you know that there are all kinds of rewards and challenges

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A Working Snow Day

A Working Snow Day A few months ago, my children’s school had not yet gone to remote learning. It was the end of the weekend and they were gearing up to go to school on Monday. But no, my children stayed home from school because

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You Are a Living Text Book: Write it Well

We all have a special distaste for text books, until we find out we are one; our kids read the text book of our lives every day. I just recently became familiar with The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children, and while the example

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No Words Required: The Listening Puzzle

I admit it. This seems crazy and a bit of an exaggeration: Researchers say that the average parent spends less than 30 seconds per day deeply listening to their children. Grandparents are somewhat better, but that statistic has got to send a shock wave of

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Press the Record Button: They Are Watching

The gifts I’m talking about can’t be bought for any price in any store. But these gifts are vital to giving our children a joyful and healthy future. Of course, I’m talking about the gifts of qualities and values like honesty, responsibility, self-reliance, compassion, a sense of humor, and self-esteem. These gifts are truly priceless.

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