Children Are People

Parents, grandparents, and educators are delighted, but not surprised, at how well their children respond to the 10 Greatest Gifts tools and concepts. Why aren’t they surprised? Because they know that almost everyone responds well to being treated with dignity, respect, and directness.

Literally, everyone responds well to messages given with love, respect and the intention to serve.

Everyone loves to be asked wise questions where someone really wants to hear your ideas and thoughts.                

And who doesn’t love to be deeply listened to without criticism and lectures?

Of course, we love it when someone helps us go forward by focusing on our strengths, what’s working and smart solutions… when someone assumes the best about our intentions and direction. 

We all respond and learn best when our teacher, mentor, parent, and grandparent is walking the talk when they are modeling solid character and behavior when they are setting the pace.

Now here’s the big non-surprise. Children are people. And we all live and work with people, of all ages. What would happen if I treated my co-workers, my friends, and especially my spouse and adult family members with this same dignity, respect, and directness? The first reaction a lot of people observe is more kindness. Then there’s more cooperation. Also, there’s a desire to serve each other more and achieve common goals. No surprise, productivity goes up. Way up, both at work, and at home.

On the other side of the coin, as we treat people this way, there’s less defensiveness and resistance. And of course, workplace disengagement declines. We also hear a lot about how judgments are suspended and stress declines.

Bottom line, workplaces and homes go from places of decay and dysfunction to meccas of health and productivity. Yes, children are people, and all people love to be treated with dignity, respect, directness, and kindness. 

Steven Vannoy

Steven Vannoy

Mr. Vannoy is a best-selling author as well as the Founder and CEO of The 10 Greatest Gifts Project. He enjoys outdoors, singing and being a new grandparent.

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