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Leverage Your Investment Dollars 10 to 1

Are Your Nonprofit Dollars being wasted in overhead and inefficiency?

  • Are you letting opportunities to serve families pass you by?
  • Are you unable to track the results of your investment dollars?
  • Are you concerned about the breakdown of families?
  • Are you tired of unethical nonprofits?
  • Do you feel like your hard-earned dollars are being wasted?
  • Do you feel taken advantage of?

Your Investment Resources are Designed for More!

  • Leverage your resources to the max
  • A nonprofit you can know and trust
  • Satisfaction about making a world-changing difference
  • Confident your money is being used wisely
  • Transparency in operations and reporting
  • Monthly reports that show proven results
  • Leverage your lifetime’s work and wisdom

Building a Family First Culture = A Radiant Future!

Supporting families in achieving the joy, closeness & love they always dreamed of!

Helping Children Grow Up With Qualities, Values, Behaviors Like:







We Care About Your Hard-Earned Dollars Being used Wisely

25 years of proven tools and concepts

Based on Simon & Schuster's best selling parenting book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy and Mr. Vannoy's upcoming book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Grandchildren


Proven Results

97% volunteer based

Low operating cost

Highly experienced, working board

Highly trained, world-class presenters & volunteers

One Community, One Family, One Child at a Time

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