Teddy Program for Educators | Option 2


Option 2 | Cost $125 Per School
  • Teddy film & list of 10 conversation starters to use at one school for up to five years
  • Approximate session 45 to 90 minutes
  • Option to deliver (5) 30-minute sessions of ongoing professional development/or staff meetings, accompanied with 10GG tool videos
  • 10% off a 10 Greatest Gifts Signature Seminar
  • 24×36 wall hanging for “Teddy Corner/Board” with pocket/envelope for students and faculty to remember and share their uplifting stories
  • 5 complimentary coupon codes for a 10 Greatest Gifts Signature Seminar
  • 3 books of The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy

The Value of Option 2:

  • Value listed in Option 1 +
  • Provides materials and tools to create ongoing upstream oriented interactions between students and staff, which will improve student performance, behavioral interactions and social/emotional well-being
  • Creates supportive interaction between students and faculty
  • Time well spent that is aligned with the school’s standards and vision


Teaching and raising children these days can be challenging and at times exhausting!  Educators and parents are burdened by health threats and COVID restrictions, testing requirements, and social media distractions, to name a few.

There are a few common truths about quality educators:

  • They do not get into education to make lots of money.
  • Passion drives their commitment to unlocking the greatness and potential that lies within each child.
  • Clear support of their passionately held purpose refuels their ability to often achieve results above and beyond what many believe possible! They, and their students, overcome obstacles and soar.

With this in mind, we hope educators will enjoy and draw inspiration from a short film, Teddy, and its accompanying support package.


Our goal is to assist educators and families in nurturing and uplifting children. 

We, at the 10 Greatest Gifts Project, believe our approach of using a set of tools—focus, message, teach, listen and model—will assist educators and parents in fostering honest, self-reliant, responsible, and confident children.  When these five tools are utilized intentionally and fully, children thrive, both now and in the future. This approach comes from Simon & Schuster’s best-selling, family-building book, The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children by Steven Vannoy.

A Bit About Who We Are and What We Believe | Going Upstream:  The 10 Greatest Gifts Project

The 10 Greatest Gifts process was launched over 30 years ago and is now utilized internationally. We are a nonprofit that has created the most upstream family programs in the world. Upstream simply means building honest, self-reliant, responsible, and confident children in the first place versus trying to fix problems downstream.


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